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Major soil types of India Map: Classification of soils

Classification of Soil in India

Soil is a mixture of organic matter mineral liquids gases and microorganisms which together supports life. It consists of solid faces of mineral and organic matter, it also holds gases and water. Soil serves as a medium for plant growth, water storage, supply, and purification, modifying Earth’s atmosphere and habitat of several organisms. Soil is a major component of Earth’s ecosystem. The composition of the soil is 50% solid which includes 45% mineral and 5% organic and the other 50% is pores which are half occupied by water and half by gas. The major type of soil found in India is alluvial soil, red soil, black soil, mountain soil, desert soil, saline and alkaline soil, laterite soil, and peaty soil.

The soil was classified based on fertility either the soil was fertile or non-fertile. In the modern days, there are various characteristics to classify soil types based on texture, moisture, content, color, water holding capacity, etc. India is considered one of the most fertile countries based on soil. It was a belief that you can grow anything on the soil of India. In this article, we have included the different types of soil found in India.

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