Ayurvedic doctors hopeful of doing surgeries, IMA against | Amritsar News

AMRITSAR: Ayurvedic practitioners are hopeful of opening of cheaper surgery hospitals, even as the Indian Medical Association (IMA) that follows the western system of medicine is up against the idea.
Leading ayurvedic practitioner Dr Suresh Chohan said the allopaths not only employed ayurvedic doctors in their private hospitals but also prescribed ayurvedic medicine. He told TOI: “In many cases, aurvedic doctors with BAMS degree even assist the allopaths in surgeries. The belief that ayurvedic doctors can sustain for long in surgical practice is misleading. South India has many ayurvedic hospitals of up to 550 beds.”
In November 2020, the Central Council of Indian Medicine had allowed the ayurveda practitioners to perform certain surgeries, which evoked a sharp reaction from the allopathic community, after which the IMA started an agitation for the withdrawal of the notification. The IMA here has even started a relay hunger strike against what its calls “mixopathy”.
Dr Ashok K Nandwani , principal of Amritsar’s Shree Lakshmi Narayan Ayurvedic College, said: “For ages, the ayurvedic doctors have performed surgeries. Even the students of ayurveda do cadaver dissection. The government notification will create awareness among people about this skill of the ayurvedic doctors.” The Amritsar college is the oldest Ayurveda institute, which has produced leading ayurvedic physicians, surgeons, and specialties.
Ancient ayurvedacharya Sushruta had described various surgical procedures in his text and the Ashwini Kumaras were known as Dev Vaidyas known to perform rare plastic surgeries. All-India Integrated Medical Association’s Punjab president Dr Joginder Arora said: “After the government notification, we expected many BAMS, MS (Master of Surgery), and Shalya Tantra ayurvedic practitioner to open hospitals in Punjab affordable surgeries. Most allopathy hospitals have BAMS doctors in trauma centres and as house surgeons.”
He said: “The piles or fistula surgery that costs between Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000 in an average private allopathic hospital can be performed for half the cost by experienced ayurvedic surgeons, with the same or more precision.”

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