CBSE News: CBSE affiliation process now online

AHMEDABAD: Self-financed schools in Gujarat looking for affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will have to complete the process online from this year. This was stated in a recent directive issued by the state education department to all district education officers and district primary education officers in Gujarat.

The new online affiliation system has been restructured in line with various recommendations for systemic reforms laid down in the new National Education Policy (NEP).

The CBSE affiliation system has been online for many years. But the restructured system will be completely digital and based on data analytics with the least human intervention, said sources aware of the development. The schools are required to complete the process by logging into The online form has various sections such as those dealing with area and land information. The applicant has to provide information on the total school area, plot number, sub-plot number, and other land-related data.


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Apart from this, applicants will have to fill up the data on building permission and upload building map and construction permission details. Fire safety details will have to be entered. Floor details of the school building and the building’s photograph will have to be provided.

In another section, details of the landowner are to be furnished. It will cover school and playground land ownership and information on whether the institution is a trust or not.

The applicant has to upload proof of ownership or rent agreement in case the land is not owned by the trust. Secondly, schools have to inform if the land is non-agricultural or not and attach documentary evidence. The applicant will have to indicate if the school is at a safe distance from hazards such as oil and gas pipelines or high-tension electricity power lines.

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