CBSE releases FAQs related to Class 10th results, get your all queries solved here

NEW DELHI: The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) had released the marks distribution formula for Class 10 students for computation of the result.

The CBSE is likely to announce Class X results, without holding exams, for the session 2020-21 in the month of July. Many questions like, if any candidate is not appeared in any assessment how schools will do the assessment of the student, what if parents want to view the exam copies or want to verify the marks after the board result declaration, how CBSE will declare the results etc must be bothering parents as well as students and teachers.

To solve this puzzle, the Board has released a FAQs. Here are some selected questions…


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How CBSE will declare the result of Class-X?
Results of Class X Board will be declared on the basis of an objective criterion developed by the Board vide Notification no.CBSE/CE/2021 dated 01.05.2021.

If any candidate is not satisfied with the result declared based on the objective criterion, what remedy will be provided by CBSE to the candidate concerned?

Any candidate who is not satisfied with the marks allocated will be given an opportunity to appear in the exam to be conducted by CBSE as and when the conditions are conducive to hold the exams.

If a school has sponsored the students from past 3 or more years which year will be taken as reference year by the schools?

The year in which the performance of the school is the best in past 3 years and as shown by CBSE will be taken as reference year.

Where the broad distribution of marks obtained by the students of the school, subject-wise, will be made available to the school by the Board.

The broad distribution of marks obtained by the students of the school, subject-wise, will be made available to the school by the Board in the school login account on Boards website.

If any candidate is not appeared in any assessment how schools will do the assessment of the student?
If any candidate has not appeared in any of the assessments conducted by the school, the school may conduct an offline/online or a telephonic one to one assessment and record documentary evidences to certify the recommendations. The student may be assessed objectively on that basis by the school out of maximum marks of each subject.

What the schools need to do in case the parents want to view the exam copies or want to verify the marks after the board result declaration.

No such facility is available for the current year. Please read the policy carefully and inform the parents.

In case of foreign schools especially in Middle-East countries, how will the external members be co-opted if there is no other CBSE school in the country/province?

External member be co-opted from the school of neighbouring country or from Indian Embassy. Meetings may be convened online.

In some places physical meeting of members of Result Committee is not feasible due to restrictions imposed by a competent authority. Can the committee members work in online/ virtual mode to complete the work?

Yes, online/virtual meetings are permitted. The committee may hold all discussions in virtual mode. However the decisions have to be unanimous even in virtual meetings with full records.

How marks will be awarded if school has conducted internal assessment which is not in conformity as given by CBSE in policy?

Once the Result committee finalizes the marks on the basis of tests/exams, it has to ensure that the marks of students are aligned with the broad distribution of marks provided by the Board.

If a school has conducted three Pre Board Examinations, Is it allowed to consider different pre board exams for different subjects for the weightage of 40 marks? Can we have different criterion of calculation for different subjects?

Result committee may take an appropriate decision within policy by recording the same in Rationale document.

What to do in case the maximum marks for year-end theory exams are 30/50/70 and not 80?

The marks may be proportionately calculated /reduced and awarded. Maximum Theory Marks may be cross-checked before calculation. For example:

A student has secured 25 marks out of 30 marks in yearend theory examination. These marks would be converted:-

(a) Out of 50


(b) Out of 70


(c) Out of 80

= 25X80=2000/30=66.66~67

In a school, there are 7-8 students who have seven subjects. IT as the 6th subject and Hindi as the 7th Subject. Will the marks of additional Hindi be calculated same as IT?
As per policy, mean of the best 3 awarded marks be given in 6th and 7th subject irrespective of Hindi, IT, or any other subject.

Sanskrit is a Sixth subject in the school. So, do we need to calculate the MEAN for Sanskrit subject or Should we use school based assessment already done?
You have to award mean of the best 3 marks awarded in first 5 subjects in Sanskrit.

There are following queries:-

(a) if any of the students now is not in town or not reachable over the phone how the marks will be awarded to him or her.

(b) If a school is unable to reach a parent who was absent in pre boards due to this pandemic how will the school give marks to that particular student?

(c) Can a school mark be absent for that student?

(a) Mark Absent

(b) Mark Absent

(c) Yes. If a student is not traceable, student be marked as absent.

How to calculate the marks of a subject whose maximum marks are 50. However, CBSE has provided average marks of the subjects having maximum marks as 80.
Say student has secure 56 marks out of 80. Now we have to calculate the marks of a subject having maximum marks as 50. So Marks would be= 56X50=2800/80=35

Can reference year be different for all main five subjects or it will remain the same?
Reference year for the average of the subjects as well as per overall average has to be the same only. Thus, schools have to use only one year as year of reference.

Is it compulsory to us the average marks for 6th and 7th subjects? Or the school can tabulate the marks of these subjects also in the same way as is done for 5 main subjects?
Yes. As per policy, only mean of the 3 best awards are to be given in 6th and 7th subjects. Tabulating the marks of 6th and 7th subjects similar to first/main 5 subjects is not as per policy and thus wrong.

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