Champions For Change: Born With The NEP, Atria University Is Changing The Higher Education Landscape


Atria University Act 2020 passed by the State of Karnataka, gave the Bangalore based University, a State Private University Status.

India’s first Liberal Sciences University, is focused on helping students explore, experience and learn through project based learning aligned closely with Industry needs. The NEP 2020 ready University, with a credit bank system, provides students flexibility to choose degree and industry majors post starting the undergraduate journey.

Atria University provides an international standard of education, at par with stellar institutes globally. With its “first of a kind” Liberal Sciences curriculum, Atria University provides the perfect amalgamation of science, commerce, humanities and technology. Their faculty- from premier institutes like MIT, Cornell, Harvard and others, has curated a student journey to give students a holistic exposure to the undergraduate journey. Flexibility in exploring and understanding majors before making a decision is one of their value pillars. The end goal for the student is to deep dive in an industry aligned area which meets their aptitude and interests in an impactful manner.

Unlike traditional universities in India, Atria University allows students to customise their degree program (BBA, BDes, BSc, or BTech) to focus on job requirements in the future and societal needs with majors in Interactive Technologies, Life Sciences, Mobility, Energy Sciences, and Digital Transformation.

A student at Atria University typically begins their education by exploring and identifying their passions. They select a major-degree mix after completing 18 months of their program. Right from the start, the focus is on preparing the student for the skills they will need in their respective industries, beyond the textbook, through working on industry-driven live projects.


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The Liberal Sciences program provides students with unrivalled versatility. Staying in tune with the NEP’s multidisciplinary approach and flexibility, students have the ability to select their learning paths, pursue their passions, discover their aptitudes, and graduate with the knowledge and enthusiasm to succeed in their chosen profession. The idea is to cover all aspects of a subject matter- from a science, commerce, humanities and technology perspective to develop a problem solving mindset.

Atria University has reimagined the traditional higher education model by putting students at the core of the learning process. ‘Young minds should not be restricted to a single domain or degree route’, believes the founding team. Therefore, they give students complete freedom to switch between program majors and degrees. Students may tackle interdisciplinary problems and master ideas relevant to them from the first year.

Atria University follows what they call the EDED model for the 4 year programs.

Explore. Discover. Experience. Deep Dive. This is the defining anchor and nomenclature of the student journey through their 4 undergraduate years. This method ensures that students are absolutely certain of their future journey before committing to it.

Under the EDED model, they follow Sprint style learning. Unlike traditional universities where students simultaneously learn various subjects in each semester, at Atria university a student will study only 1 subject for 3 weeks and apply the knowledge on a industry driven project at the end of the 3rd week.

Changing the paradigm of the current education evaluation process, Atria University follows a continuous evaluation of its pupils. Students are evaluated on each activity, task, and project spread across each 3 week Sprint. Assessment is done not only by the lead professors and academics, but also by students themselves, peer groups, and mentors. The end result of this is increased accountability for their learning and success.

Though academic calendars have been thrown for a loop due to delayed board exams, many students are now prepared to pursue higher education within India. This presents a fantastic opportunity for the entire higher education sector to re-evaluate and redefine the traditional higher education paradigm of learning. Digital reality laboratories, simulators, and interactive experiments built explicitly for online environments will undoubtedly replace the chalk and blackboard learning method.

With Atria University, students have the chance to access a world-class education model right here at home. It’s time to change the way we learn!

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