Class 12 students disappointed their board exams are going ahead

NAGPUR: As all major education boards have cancelled their Std X exams, students of Std XII are feeling it’s unfair to have ignored them. On social media, Std XII students are expressing their disappointment for not being considered for a similar evaluation pattern.

Kanak Chandak, a Std XII CBSE student, said, “I feel that if CBSE can cancel Std X exams, then why not XII? It’s not like we are immune to the virus and our health won’t get affected by the pandemic. Also, by postponing these exams they are making things difficult as we are still under stress and our mental health is also getting affected.”

Aayushi Vatsal, a student of Std XII CBSE, said, “According to me the postponement of boards has added to the confusion regarding our further studies, many of us have applied abroad and we need a certainty with the same. They could have easily cancelled our exams but instead chose to be biased.”


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Isabel Dias, a HSC student, said, “No amount of protection from community gatherings like board exams will keep us safe from the virus. It is a deadly virus and our health is all we can treasure. Exams are not as important as our wellbeing and our protection. We are the future of this country and our exams should be cancelled.”

Lishita Naidu, a HSC student, said, “We have been under stress since 2020 and tried our best to cope with the Covid-19 situation. Our health matters and so does our family’s health. So ideally even our exams should have been cancelled.”

However, even though exams for Std X has been cancelled there are some students who are not convinced about the decision. Om Dhule, a SSC student, said, “I really feel exams should have taken place. At least for those who have worked hard throughout the year. So I request authorities to hold exams.”

Palak Jain, a SSC student, said, “I feel the decision is quite unfair for students who have worked very hard for their board exams as X is considered a turning point. If they give marks according to the internal activities or on the basis of pre-board exam, it will be unfair for students. Students like me who have studied for more than a year are feeling frustrated now.”

Om Dhumal, another SSC student, said, “I feel that exams should have taken place for those who have worked hard for them.”

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