Continuous Improvement For Virtual Training In Today’s Business Climate

An Inside Look At Virtual Training Before, During, And After The COVID Crisis

Many organizations considered making the switch from ILT to virtual training before the pandemic. However, the outbreak forced them to accelerate their initiatives and overcome a steep learning curve. This eBook explores virtual training in today’s business climate and offers an inside glimpse at how L&D experts rose to the challenge. You’ll learn how to choose the right strategies for your team and leverage technology to achieve organizational change.

eBook Release: Continuous Improvement For Virtual Training In Today's Business Climate

eBook Release

Continuous Improvement For Virtual Training In Today’s Business Climate

Discover how the COVID crisis impacted training strategies and what you can do to prepare your L&D approach for the New Normal.

Why Organizations Should Never Settle For The L&D Status Quo

Successful organizations must embrace virtual training in today’s business climate to foster employee development. With many employees working from home, you must be ready to take your training online and break down the remote accessibility barriers. This requires continual improvement, needs analysis, and L&D innovations. Whether you choose a hybrid model or a full-fledged virtual training program, ongoing evaluation is the key to long-term growth.

About This eBook

This eBook explores how L&D professionals handled new challenges presented by the COVID crisis, as well as how it will transform the online training landscape in years to come. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find inside:

  • Adapting To An Accelerated Development Schedule
  • There Was Little Choice About Going To VILT
  • The Live, Online Training Trend Is Here To Stay
  • The Mainstreaming Of Online Learning In A Challenging Year

In addition to sharing their personal experiences, the four L&D experts featured in this guide provide resources to help you improve your virtual training strategy.


Regardless of your niche, staff size, or current training gaps, this guide has valuable insights to overcome implementation obstacles and find the best virtual training model for your remote workforce. Download the eBook Continuous Improvement For Virtual Training In Today’s Business Climate to learn how L&D thought leaders tackled COVID challenges and what the future holds for the online training industry.

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