DAVV Open Book Exam to be based on analytical and logical reasoning

INDORE: Question papers for the forthcoming open book examination will be inclined towards analytical and logical reasoning.

Considering that the open book examination can be comparatively easy for students as they get five to seven days to submit the answersheets, the real challenge will be for the exam setters.


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“As the students do have the option of various resources to write the answers, the examination department has instructed the question papers setters to ensure that the questions are towards conceptual and technical knowledge which requires them to make use of their analytical skills,” DAVV exam controller Dr Ashesh Tiwari told TOI.

There will be no multiple choice questions (MCQs) only the descriptive type answers, he added.

While the biggest challenge for the examiners will be to decipher the basis for the evaluation and grant marks to a particular answer, examiners feel the bigger task is for the paper setters.

As the open book examination was conducted last year, on the basis of previous experience, the examiners have started giving weightage to multiple aspects of the answer sheets besides the way the answers are written.

Majority of the students pass the exam but there is a difference in the marks that students get, said the examiner.

Some ensure explaining with diagrams, some give real life examples, some draw parallels and ensure that their answers are not a copy paste of book, these become a few of the many parameters that come handy in evaluation, added the examiner.

Tiwari said that the examiners are not given any instructions for evaluation, however, they had also found those who had copy pasted and even sent photocopied answer sheets.

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