Do I Exist: A Riddle, AU alumni makes short film for OTT

PRAYAGRAJ: At a time when the Sangam city is witnessing a sudden surge in number of deaths in the present Covid-19 pandemic, a short film—Do I Exist: A riddle—made by a local lad and former student of Allahabad University, Dhruva Harsh, has tried to explain that the Atma (soul) remains free, without any bondage of relationship.

The film is presently streaming at OTT platform Disney plus hotstar.

Dhruva has done is master’s in English literature and hogged the limelight last year when he had renounced accepting the degree at the convocation because the then chief guest i.e. Kailash Satyarthi was awarded degrees selectively due to lack of time.


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Harsh’s last film ‘Harshit’ (2018) is also streaming on the same platform and getting a lot of appreciation in India and outside. Considering his past feature, it should come as no surprise to find Harsh has continued his work with another short feature referring to the concepts of Buddhism and the philosophy of René Descartes, in particular his famous phrase “Cogito Ergo Sum”.

This, roughly 17 minutes of the feature, tells the story of Siddharta (Anurag Sinha) who remembers his past life, most importantly, his relationship to his wife called Marvi (Nancy Thakkar). Stuck in limbo between life and death, he tortures himself going through the past and final moment, especially an argument with his wife about conceiving a child and feels unable to accept the finality of death, says Harsh.

Through the voice-over from the main character one is introduced to the idea of the two worlds – the first one being reality and the other one being the world of your mind and imagination. “Reflecting the internal struggle of the character and his growing doubts about which world is the right one, the film shifts constantly back and forth between many visual and narrative layers, ultimately blurring the line for the audience as well”, said Harsh while talking to
TOI on phone.

A good sound design by Renganaath Ravee and a soulful score by Vickey Prasad, this philosophical and experimental drama has been jointly produced by Surabhi Bhattacharjee, Utpal Acharya, Indian Film Studios and Glorious Gonardh pictures. The short has already been screened at the Pondicherry International Film Festival and International Film Festival of Shimla. It got an official selection at Panorama International Film Festival, Tunisia, International Film Festival of Delhi, Jaipur International Film Festival and recently at 19th Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh.

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