DU workshop on creative writing

NEW DELHI: University of Delhi’s Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) is conducting a workshop of creative writing in Hindi and English medium has been organized from April 13 to May 3.

Rajnish Jain, Secratary and CVO of University Grants Commission was present as the chief guest of Inaugural Session.

While addressing the online gathering, Hain said that communication is an integral part of life and society and such workshops hone the skills of the students in their expression.

While discussing creative writing, he reiterated that “the essence and emphasis on Creative Writing is well expressed in the National Education Policy. The ‘life-skill’ courses have communication and writing skills as an integral part.”

He added that the only qualification to be a Creative Writer is infinite imagination and a desire to write.

DU Vice-Chancellor PC Joshi said that this workshop will be beneficial to the students of NCWEB and “will increase their confidence and provide infuse positive energy in the students.”

Joshi added that DU, through NCWEB has been contributing to the empowerment of women through education for the last 76 years.

Geeta Bhatt, NCWEB Director, said that “the workshop is aimed at empowering our students with immense opportunities by honing their writing skills.”

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