Great Learning to host Hindi webinar on C++

CHENNAI: Edtech company Great Learning is hosting a webinar on intro to C++ in Hindi on Wednesday, June 16.

The live session is free of cost and can be attended by anyone looking to understand the major concepts of C a and looking to start a career as a programmer.

The live interactive session on “Intro to C++ in Hindi” is hosted by Ritwik Raj, trainer of Full Stack Development and an expert in HTML, CSS, JS, Java and Python.


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“It will shine a spotlight on the fundamental concepts used in C++ programming language and will also be covering the major programming topics related to C++,” he says.

It will help learners understand various concepts such as variables, data types being used, operators, flow control statements and looping constructs.

The session will also address common questions related to the popularity of the programming language and how it is a viable career option. The hour-long webinar begins at noon on June 16.

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