How To Drive Continuous Learning Outside Formal Training [eBook]

Best Of Both Worlds: Connect Formal Training With Informal Learning Opportunities

As many organizations make the switch to remote workforces, new L&D challenges have emerged. How to do you provide your telecommuting staffers with personalized support? Is there a cost-effective way to improve job performance by tapping into the peer-based feedback? This eBook offers insights to help you fuel continuous learning among your talent pool with informal learning opportunities. First, let’s take a closer look at why innovation and lifelong learning are so crucial for business success.

eBook Release: How To Drive Continuous Learning Outside The Formal Training Environment

eBook Release

How To Drive Continuous Learning Outside The Formal Training Environment

Discover top tips to provide informal training opportunities for your teams and create a connected eLearning solution!

The Vital Role Of Informal And Impromptu Training Experiences

While formal training has its place in every L&D program, there are occasions that call for on-the-spot support. Whether it’s figuring out how to complete a task or brushing up on core competencies, employees must have access to JIT tools that quickly remedy the situation. Informal and social learning activities give them the chance to share their knowledge and expertise with the team, as well as evaluate different perspectives. They can reflect on performance behaviors and continually cultivate their talents outside the structured training environment. In other words, there’s no limit to how much knowledge they can gather, which empowers them to enact meaningful change on a personal level.

That said, many organizations still consider formal training as the backbone of their employee development strategy. Virtual classrooms and other synchronous events often provide foundational knowledge, and informal learning supplements and enriches these experiences. Thus, it’s crucial for companies to strike a balance and know when to use each approach for best results.

About This eBook

From benefits to implementation tips, this ultimate guide can help you offer a moment of need support to your teams and foster continual development. Here’s a brief glimpse of what you’ll find inside How To Drive Continuous Learning Outside The Formal Training Environment:

  • Why Should Leaders and L&D Teams Care About Informal Learning
  • Encourage Informal Learning in a Remote Working Environment
  • Leverage On-demand Learning to Step Up the Application of Learning on the Job
  • Leverage Social Learning to Support Remote Learning Programs
  • Drive Just-in-time Learning with Performance Support Tools
  • Build Employee Learning Habits and Drive Continuous Learning


The constant pursuit of knowledge is what sets top performers apart from the rest. However, your L&D program plays a pivotal role in their personal development. Download the eBook How To Drive Continuous Learning Outside The Formal Training Environment for more tips to leverage the power of informal learning and support your remote workforce.

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