Impart Company Vision Through Online Training

How To Impart Company Vision Through Online Training

Organizational missions and visions are designed to define the identity of the company. They explain what the firm is about and guide its policies. Unfortunately, they’re often too abstract to everyone except the boss or the person that created them. And yet the whole company needs to be familiar with them. Staff needs to know how to interpret these themes, share them with others, and epitomize them for clients. Is there a way to teach this knowledge using online training? Below are 6 top tips to use online training to impart company vision and keep everyone on-brand.

6 Secrets To Spark Shared Vision Within Your Organization

1. Video Demos

Explaining a theoretical concept can be a challenge. Company vision is, by nature, theoretical. If you can translate your policies into practical situations, it makes them far easier to understand. For example, if your non-profit’s company vision is to eradicate poverty, that’s a rather abstract goal. Break it down into something applicable, like raising funds to educate low-income children. They’ll grow up with better access to employment and income-earning potential. You can then shoot a video on this theme to expand your vision in a comprehensible way. It also makes it easier for your corporate learners to share the vision with others.

2. Interactive Simulations

Ideally, you want the boss to buy into all your online training programs. Their investment gets everyone else perked up, and they’ll be more serious about the online training course. However, they may not have the time to be directly involved. You could solve this easily with online training tools. For instance, you could create a simulated chat with the boss, recording their side of the conversation. Then you could create an animated avatar to stand in for them. When corporate learners engage in the simulation, it feels like a realistic interaction with the boss. During these exchanges, the CEO can explain in their own words, and in this way impart company vision. Corporate learners can get to know the boss better, learning about the company’s origins and background. They also develop a sense of perspective regarding the founder and their own role in the company.

3. Use Infographics

Infographics are a convenient, memorable way to sum up large chunks of data. It has a better recall ratio than plain text. The mix of words, pictures, symbols, and images stimulate different parts of the brain. This makes it seem like you’re consuming varied content even though it’s a cohesive whole. That variety creates a multiple-media experience and makes the infographic feel more interactive. Plus, those diverse layouts and formats trigger your corporate learners’ thought process. Seeing information displayed in several styles can prompt them towards distinct ways of sharing and expressing. In the same way that infographics apply mixed media, corporate learners learn tips and tricks to paraphrase that vision.

4. Certify It

Online training courses that aim to impart company vision aren’t often examinable. It just a part of general orientation. However, it’s possible to take one aspect of the vision and expand it. Suppose your organization believes in environmental sustenance. That’s vague, but you can build it into a practical conservation course. Corporate learners can learn simple ways to protect their surroundings at work and at home. Once they prove their ability, they can receive an in-house certificate. It equips them to literally save their habitat. It also gives them the language to explain and impart company vision to peers, partners, and potential customers. You can also use badges in addition to certificates to gamify the experience. For example, employees must master one of the pillars of your company vision to earn their first badge.

5. Tell A Tale

Explaining a concept using practical interpretations is one way to go. Another route is to build up little fables that get the point across. Stories are easier to remember than dry facts because they form an emotional connection. Craft your company vision into a relevant anecdote, whether factual or mythical. For example, a vision to ensure clean water for all could have various origins. Maybe the boss spent a summer in a foreign country and experienced drought and poor water conditions firsthand. You can also invite guest speakers who can share their personal stories online and help employees truly understand the purpose behind the vision. Learning and sharing this story will send the message far more clearly than any theoretical text.

6. Evolutionary Timeline

Giving employees a general overview of your company vision can be a lot to take in. However, what if you gave them a glimpse into your organization’s past and why each pillar or message was formed? A timeline can help them understand the basis for each aspect of your company vision. For instance, back in 1985 your founder decided to venture into a different sector of the market to expand operations. Explain why this decision was made and how it shaped your current company vision. As well as how it impacted the industry as a whole. Employees can see how the organization has evolved over time and can take pride in being part of its future.


In the corporate world, missions and visions are often wordy, poetic, philosophical blobs of wording that nobody fully comprehends. Committing them to memory and exemplifying them for customers can be a challenge. Your online training course can give corporate learners effective ways to do this. Create video demos that translate the vision into practical scenarios. Interactive simulations can mimic ‘a chat with the boss’. Develop infographics that summarize and impart company vision. Break the vision down into units and expand each unit into its own certification. Finally, weave your vision into a memorable anecdote.

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