L&D Etiquette & Manners: Sir Lennington’s Handbook

L&D Etiquette And Manners For Discerning eLearning Connoisseurs

Who says that chivalry is dead. In the L&D sector, it’s alive and kicking thanks to Sir Lennington, the foremost expert on all things eLearning. From implementation to visual design, this eBook addresses the most common development challenges with a dose of humor. You’ll learn how to curate content, upkeep your training library, and so much more. This may be an “old-fashioned” guide, but it’s packed with helpful advice for modern eLearning professionals. Before we take a tour of the L&D Etiquette and Manners table of contents, let’s explore why every eLearning aficionado should follow the golden rules of design.

eBook Release: Sir Lennington's Handbook Of L&D Etiquette & Manners

eBook Release

Sir Lennington’s Handbook Of L&D Etiquette & Manners

Explore the golden rules of learning and development, courtesy of the foremost expert in online training etiquette.

The Importance Of Form And Function

While some might say that solid subject matter and information delivery trump dazzling design, eLearning pros should always strike a balance. You can’t have one without the other if you plan to fully engage your online learners. While aesthetic appeal draws them in, high-quality content holds their attention and helps them achieve the desired outcomes. This eBook illustrates why it’s so important to focus on both form and function when creating meaningful L&D experiences for your team.

About This eBook

Chances are, you’ve never read an eLearning guide quite like this one. Sir Lennington offers his expert insights to help you master the fine art of Learning and Development in this stylistic and entertaining guide for professionals of all experience levels. Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find inside:

  • Implement In A Timely Fashion
  • Intermingle With Worthy Wares
  • Dare Not Overindulge In Design
  • Create Compelling Courses In A Kind Environment
  • Curate With A Discerning Eye
  • Bring Forth Learners Swiftly
  • Grant Purposeful Paths
  • Maintain A Tidy Library
  • Report And Analyze Dutifully
  • Train For Proficiency Not Perfection


Download the eBook Sir Lennington’s Handbook Of L&D Etiquette & Manners to learn from the jack of all eLearning trades, the honorable Sir Lennington. Told in an approachable way, it’s a must-read for L&D professionals who want to brush up on the essentials and strengthen their eLearning strategies.

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