‘Mask is the only medicine for virus’ | Chandigarh News

Chandigarh: Covid-19 infections in the city are gradually decreasing. In the last six days, a total of 242 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed along with six deaths. Going by this trend, herd immunity is far away, say public health experts. Wearing of masks is the only way to prevent the transmission even after vaccination.
The lowest numbers of the virus were reported on January 3 when only 16 cases were reported. However, on Wednesday, 78 new cases were witnessed. This has been the highest so far in the past six days.
“This indicates that we have to live with the new normal of wearing face masks, adhering to social distancing and hand washing. There will be a rise and fall in the cases as not many have been infected so far. So there is no herd immunity,” said a public health expert at the PGI.
He said, “Till antibodies titer (measurement of antibodies) are not available after immunisation, it will not be known as to for how long the Covid-19 shot works to protect against the virus. Also, there are variants coming and the efficacy of the vaccines is not known.”
With the recent approvals of the two vaccines, there has been a lot of reluctance to take the immunisation amongst the health workers. The PGI had been one of the 17 sites selected for the trials for Oxford AstraZeneca’s Covishield vaccine.
“There is no efficacy studies and we will not know if the vaccines are working or not. The safety tests have been done. But we would prefer to wear masks rather than getting vaccinated,” said a PGI doctor.

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