Medicine market in Lucknow shut till January 2 | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Aminabad wholesale medicine market will remain closed from Wednesday till January 2. However, to maintain the flow of medicine supply to retailers so that there is no crisis, distributors have provided an option to buy medicines directly from their godowns and warehouses in Transport Nagar Giriraj Rastogi, president, Chemist Association of UP, said its an annual closure, which earlier used to be of five days, but this year it will be of four days in view of Covid-19 crisis.
All retailers were informed in advance so that they can fill their stocks as per the requirement, he added. “In case of a crisis due to any emergency, we will ensure supplies,” he said.
There are 1,000 wholesaler medicine shops in Aminabad which meet the demand of Lucknow and adjoining districts.

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