Online Classes: Study tips to score high in exams

Covid-19 pandemic has forced the schools and colleges to shut the doors for traditional offline education and move to the digital mode classroom. There are many advantages and disadvantages of online classes. For some students, online courses may create a sense of isolation. Online learning requires time management skills, self-discipline, willpower, and strong motivation to stay focused.

Here are some important tips for students to help them learn better through an online class and improve their grades:

Treat it like regular class

Though many online classes give you flexibility of timing, it’s better to have a disciplined approach and fix the timing of the class. Treat online classes like in-person classes and have a routine just like you would if you were going to class in-person.


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Create your own study group

Create an online discussion forum where students can post questions, have discussion and solve each others doubts. You can study together over video conferencing to get the benefits of studying in a group and have someone to hold you accountable.

Use online resources

Though you don’t have access to offline library, you teacher may offer various online study materials that you can use to practice and understand the concept better. And if you have any questions related to the study resources, feel free to ask your tutor.

Have a dedicated study space

To give you a sense of regular offline classroom or lecture hall, have a dedicated study space to help you stay focused when it’s time to study and disconnect when it isn’t. Just make sure the space you choose is not too comfortable or distracting.

Remove distractions

Without a tutor overlooking you or classmate siting next to you, it’s easy to get distracted with social media, games, food etc. To eliminate or at least minimize these distractions, log off from your social handles and keep your study space separate from other distractions.

Write down notes

It may be tempting to skip taking notes when all the resources are available online and can be accessed any time. While all your study materials may be available online but it’s still very important to write down notes to engage with the study material and put it in your own words. It will help boost both your comprehension and retention.

Put a deadline reminder

Have a deadline reminder for all your assignments and exams. In an online class, you need to be extra diligent about monitoring deadlines. Make sure you complete your syllabus in set deadline to avoid damaging your grades later. Put the reminders on your mobile calendar to make sure you don’t forget your assignment or exam dates.

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