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PRAYAGRAJ: At a time when the coronavirus crisis has resulted into a sudden spurt in terms of common man looking towards traditional medicinal plants to boost their immunity, a faculty member of the department of Botany of CMP Degree College, a constituent college of Allahabad University, Deepak Kumar Gond has come forward in sharing his expertise with students and common man for having these plants in their households.
Gond, who has a rich experience of working for over two years with Archarya Bal Krishna of Patanjali Yog Peeth—before joining CMP as assistant professor in February 2018—is making people aware about the medicinal properties of several plants, sapling of which he has grown in the piece of land within his department.
“Before the Coronavirus crisis, only a selected section of people were aware about the useful properties of different medicinal plants but Covid-19 has suddenly brought the issues like boosting self-immunity through traditional medicinal plants in forefront. The science pertaining to the benefits of these plants is fast spreading among masses and I am trying my best to disseminate this knowledge among common man so that everyone improves their immunity in these testing times and also get relieved by various ailments which can be easily cured by these traditional herbs”, said Gond.
The faculty member has developed a nursery within his department where different kinds of medicinal plants are grown. This includes Ashwagandha, Kalamedha, Ginger, Turmeric, Satawar, Musli, Lemon grass, Bach, Kewanch, Aloevera, peppermint, camphor, Giloy etc. These plants are considered favorable for the climate of Prayagraj.
“We have been supported by the senior faculty members of the college including officiating principal Brijesh Kumar Srivastava, Meena Rai, Manju Srivastava as well fellow faculty members like Alok Kumar”, said Gond.
The college authorities and Gond have now decided that they would be distributing saplings of these medicinal plants to pilgrims coming to Magh Mela on Mahashivratri (March 11), which coincides with foundation day of the college.
“Besides, we are training students and the farming community for planting these herbal plants and go for its production which would also make them ‘self-reliant’, as the world has seen the power of these ‘wonder plants’ during the corona period”, said Gond. Now, there is a sudden attraction towards these medicinal plants which has resulted in huge demand for these plants in the market, he added.
“We would be conducting workshops and short training free of cost to give tips to grow these plants as non-technical people can also grow these medicinal plants”, he said.
Presently, the common man reaches out to local shopkeepers to procure these herbs but because of lack of storage and old stock, often these herbs are subjected to microbial contamination which may result in side effects. “When we would teach the user how to grow these plants in their respective homes, they can get fresh material”, said the expert.
He added, moreover, by educating the students of the college and the farming community and also the urban users, we are conserving these plants, some of which are nearing extinction.

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