Preparing for competitive exam? check out some tips & tricks here

The dates of various competitive exams have been postponed due to the nationwide lockdown in the country in view of the coronavirus outbreak. Major exams like NEET and JEE main which are scheduled to take place in April or May have been postponed to an undetermined date.

If you are someone who is preparing for competitive exams, then you can utilise this additional time to prepare for the examination. Here are some tips and tricks that you can consider while preparing for the competitive exams.

Plan your preparation

This is the basic step you need to have for the exam preparation. Plan you schedule — choose the right time for the exam preparation, segregate the syllabus and allot time for each topic. Remember, planning is the stepping stone for effective exam preparation.

Time is important

You are the one who knows yourself better than anyone else. Do not let the lockdown affect your sleep cycle. Try not to study in the odd hours. Also, do not study when you are sleepy. Choose the right time to study for the examination.


Go through the syllabus thoroughly and spend more time on difficult topics. Find study materials for the syllabus from text books and the internet. Make sure that you have study material for each topic with you.

Take short break

Taking short breaks are essential and it will enhance your learning process. This will help your mind to relax. If you are taking adequate breaks, you will also be able to focus more on the preparation.

Mock test

Taking mock tests is the best way to prepare yourself for the exam. This will help you to understand the exam pattern well, hence you will be able to manage your time during the exam in an effective way.

Don’t listen to fake news

There are so many fake news stories being circulated on the internet. Sometimes, fake news can make you panic. Always check the respective official websites for the news and updates regarding the exam.

Be healthy

Taking care of health is very important these days. Eat healthy foods and hydrate yourself. Take care of your diet and health.

Hope these tips will help you to make your exam preparation easy. All the best!

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