State board schools still grappling with Std X marks criteria

Nagpur: CBSE schools have started the process for tabulating Std X scores for students based on the formula fixed by the central board, whereas state board schools are still awaiting clarity. Both the state board and CBSE have cancelled Std X exams and postponed Std XII, in view of the second wave of Covid-19 which is affecting multiple states.
On May 1, CBSE’s controller of examinations Sanyam Bhardwaj released a comprehensive circular on how the internal evaluations are to be done. Marks will be taken from previous internal exams like pre-boards, mid-term or regular unit tests. A results committee, comprising teachers from neutral schools, will ensure that marks awarded to students are fair. Again, the parameters of averaging out the marks etc have also been mentioned in the circular.
However, state education board is yet to come out with a formula for tabulating marks for SSC. Considering this is unprecedented for the board, some feel it’s not surprising that so much time is being taken. Some academics, however, feel that discussions are being unnecessarily being dragged on.


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A senior principal said, “Last year, Maharashtra state board cancelled geography paper because by that time lockdown had been implemented across the country. So for that subject, internal exam marks were considered, which is a very logical thing to do. The state board is over thinking the entire issue.”

TOI tried to reach out to school education minister Varsha Gaikwad, but she was unavailable for comment. Her father and former MP Eknath Gaikwad passed away due to Covid-19 a few days ago.

A state board official, who is not directly involved in the decision making process, said it was wise of the government to take things slow.

“There are multiple things to be considered, because these marks will be used for Std XI. Also, there are many rural schools which did not conduct any internal exams because of zero online connectivity. So how will marks be given there? It is wrong of the media to compare our students with those from CBSE as their is a big gap in financial condition and access to e-learning platforms,” said the official.

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