Things students should take care before taking admission in 11th Class

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will release Class 10th results by June 2021. The class X students must be contemplating about the stream selection in Class 11th. Students, this is the right time for you to give stream selection a serious thought.

For the career perspective, the next two years will be very important for you. Whatever you wish to do in future, will depend on your stream selection and/or on your performance during these two years.

Students, as you know XI standard is like a foundation of your career, therefore, you are advised to decide wisely on what you wish to do in life and accordingly choose your stream i.e., Science, Commerce or Humanities.


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You are advised not to take any stream under pressure or if you don’t have any interest in that field even if you get high marks and can easily get admission.

Once you have zeroed in on the stream then pick subjects more carefully. Suppose if you choose science stream but don’t want to become an engineer then should not take go for mathematics instead choose a simple and scoring subject like Physical Education etc.

Similarly you can opt for Commerce stream with or without mathematics. If you have a knack for mathematics then while taking the Humanities stream you can opt for mathematics. So, you should check subjects thoroughly before filling up the application form for admission to Class XI. It would be better to make a decision today instead of changing your stream in the middle of the semester or session. We have seen several cases, students take a stream under pressure and then after sometime they decide to change it, better not to do this later instead choose the right stream in the beginning itself.

Now after taking the admission in your desired stream you should enjoy student life as well.

Be active in your school (clubs, organizations, sports etc)

Take part in extracurricular activities and unlike X class you need to devote more time to your studies. Class XI syllabus is huge in comparison to Class X. You need to be focused and punctual. All you need is to be regular in your studies; just giving an hour to each subject daily is sufficient.

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