up university exam news: UP govt promotes first year students in UP varsities, exams to be held for final years’

LUCKNOW: The UP government on Tuesday decided to promote all first-year undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in universities and colleges, in view of the Covid-19 situation. The new academic session 2021-22 will commence from September 13, announced deputy chief minister Dinesh Sharma. There are 41 lakh students enrolled in UP universities.

As reported by TOI in its June 2 edition, Sharma announced that students in the final year/terminal semester of various UG and PG courses across the state will be assessed through an examination before they receive their degrees. In institutions where exams for the 5th semester (in UG)and 3rd semester (in PG) weren’t held, scores in the last semester will be the basis of marks to be determined in the previous semester.

Students in the second year who did not take exams last year will also take the test. Students unsatisfied with their marks will be allowed to appear for improvement examinations in one or all subjects to be held in 2022-23, he said.


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Both state and private universities will have to conduct the OMR-based test which consists of multiple-choice questions by mid-August. The government recommended universities reduce both duration of the examination and the number of questions asked in the test. The three-hour test to be cut to 90 minutes while the number of questions to be reduced to five instead of 10 earlier, Sharma said.

The government further said that universities should consider the option of online examination in courses they think is feasible. It also recommended universities award marks of practical examinations for the terminal semester/graduating students as per their performance in theory papers. The viva-voce should be done online. However, the final call on the modalities of conducting examinations will be taken by respective universities. All results are to be announced by August 31.

For universities where both UG and PG courses are run under the annual scheme, the government decided to promote all first-year students to the second year. The first-year results of all such students will be prepared on their performance in second-year examinations when they take them. Universities that conducted exams for first-year students in 2020 will prepare second-year results of such students based on their performance in the first year. Subsequently, students will be promoted to the third year. However, in universities that couldn’t conduct exams for the first year in 2020, students will have to appear for exams in the second year through the OMR-based test. Based on their performance in the exam, they will be admitted in the third year.

Under the semester system, for second-semester students who didn’t take their examinations, all universities will prepare results based on their performance in the first semester exams and mid-term/internal evaluation of the second semester. The same formula will be applied to all UG and PG students who are in odd semesters.

In institutions where no examinations were held, marks for odd semesters will be based on the performance of students in mid-term/internal evaluation (whichever is available), results of even semesters will be prepared on the inclusion of marks of the previous semester.

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