Vedic Tribes – GK Book

The territories mentioned in Rigveda were divided into various tribal principalities. These tribal principalities were ruled by tribal kings. Some of them are mentioned in lines mentioning Dasrajan Yoddha or the battle of ten kings that was fought between Sudas, a Bharat King of Tritsu family and confederacy of ten other tribal kings.

Tribes Region
Aryan Tribes
Bharatas Saraswati-Yamuna
Puru Saraswati
Yadu & Turvasa Southern Punjab
Gandhara North-West of India
Matsyas Rajasthan
Chedis Malwa
Srinjaya Punjab
Bhalanas Bolan Pass
Paktha Basin of Kurram
Vaikarnas Kashmir
Krivi Sindhu Asikni
Sivas Chenab
Non Aryan Tribes
Dasas Sambara
Kikatas Saraswati-Yamuna
Panis Rase (Syr Dariya)

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