‘We have technical knowledge’ | India News

HYDERABAD: Women today are flying planes, why can’t they climb poles and fix electrical lines? And it isn’t like we don’t have the technical knowledge required for the job,” Babburi Shirisha, 20, one of the petitioners in the case, told Sudipta Sengupta. Another petitioner, V Bharathi, 22, says , “Much like the men, even I have worked very hard to train. I left my two kids back in the village and stayed in Warangal so that I could prepare. It’ll be extremely unfair if I am not even given a chance to prove myself.” Every day, both these women spend hours climbing electrical poles.
“The job of a lineman is more about maintaining and repairing electrical lines. In involves equal risk for men and women. So, if a woman is qualified, I see no reason why she should not be recruited,” said an official.

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