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In such an environment when you cannot venture out be it shopping or work purpose then it is very difficult to spend your time sitting idle at home. If you are a student then the situation becomes more problematic as how much time you can devote for your studies watching OTT content on your devices. At this time if you get some work while sitting at home then it would be a blessing in disguise.

Here is this article we will talk about some of the opportunities which students can grab with both hands. This will not only give you work to do while staying at home but also provide an opportunity to earn. A candidate while working from home can earn from Rs 500/- per day to Rs 5000/- depending on the work he/she takes on.


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Candidates can work part-time or full-time, depending on their priorities and the time they can spare while studying. So, students are advised not to waste their time in lockdown instead utilize it to earn.

Some of the jobs profile they can take on while doing their study


A Content Writer writes articles for websites, does copywriting, blogging, technical writing or ghostwriting. They write copies for advertisements.

Technical Writing: As a content writer you will have to write in-depth articles that build authority online and increase conversions — Cloud, Big Data, AI, Automation, Digital Marketing, and more.

Website Copy: Need to write SEO-friendly web content that connects with customers and gives the website coveted keyword rankings

Blog Posts: You will have to 100% original and well-researched blogs that are guaranteed to drive organic traffic


As a data entry operator you will be responsible for entering the required data online in a certain format with the help of a computer. For that you should be computer literate and must know typing (with good speed) with accuracy. Along with this a candidate should also have organisation skills, concentration skills, communication skills and an ability to sit for long periods of time entering and computing data.

Who can hire you: Accounting Companies, Insurance Firms, Banks, HR departments of companies, Marketing Companies, MNCs, Study Centers, Hospitals or Healthcare Service Providers, Small-scale Businesses etc.


Back-office functions include settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services. Candidates can work online as part-time back office/ data entry operators and do Ad posting work by spending two to three hours in one day with study and regular job. The best part of these jobs is there is no work pressure, no time bound, no target and above all no boss.


To work as a graphic designer you need not necessarily be attending office physically instead you must be familiar with designing softwares and technology such as Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW etc.

You should be able to visualize and create graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos. Your graphics should capture the attention of those who see them and communicate the right message.

You need to work with copywriters and creative directors to amend designs after feedback and to produce final design.

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